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Little Bow Provincial Park Campground
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Item: Little Bow Provincial Park Campground

Little Bow Provincial Park Campground

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Located a short drive (approx. 25 minutes) Southeast from Vulcan, Alberta, Little Bow Provincial Park campground is a beautiful destination for the family camping experience. Over 220 sites with both power and non-power available along with water, concession, and sani-station. One power loop and two non-power loops. Excellent beach and boating facilities on Travers Reservoir. In a valley with great views from atop the surrounding hills that can be reached with a short hike.

This campground is very family friendly and well maintained. Kids will love riding around the loops and meeting lots of other children. Whether at the beach our at your site there are many things to do with lots of open spaces available for your pleasure.

Check the 'Sites' option above to reserve a site up to 3 months in advance. There are a handful of first-come-first-serve power sites available in the summer months so be sure to reserve in advance if possible to avoid having to wait for an open site or having to go to another campground in the area.

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    GPS Location      

 50 degrees 13' 50.6" N 112 degrees 55' 38.8" W  


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 Vulcan County   ...
Continent: North America
Country/Territory: Canada
State/Province: Alberta




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Little Bow Provincial Park Campground  Firey sunset at Little Bow  Thu Jul 21 04:03:57 UTC 2016  
Little Bow Provincial Park Campground  View of several campsites from the surrounding hills  Thu Jul 21 02:58:12 UTC 2016  
Little Bow Provincial Park Campground  Beautiful cactus native to the region  Thu Jul 21 03:21:24 UTC 2016  
Little Bow Provincial Park campground  The beach at Little Bow Provincial Park campground  Thu Jul 21 02:27:53 UTC 2016  

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