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Marginal seas as defined by the International Maritime Organization

This is a list of seas ? large divisions of the World Ocean, including areas of water, variously gulfs, bights, bays, and straits.



  • Ocean ? the four to seven largest named bodies of water in the World Ocean, all of which have "Ocean" in the name. See Borders of the oceans for details.
  • Sea has several definitions:
    • A marginal sea is a division of an ocean, partially enclosed by islands, archipelagos, or peninsulas, adjacent to or widely open to the open ocean at the surface, and/or bounded by submarine ridges on the sea floor.
    • A division of an ocean, delineated by landforms, currents (e.g. Sargasso Sea), or specific latitude or longitude boundaries. This includes but is not limited to marginal seas, and this is the definition used for inclusion in this list.
    • The World Ocean. For example, the Law of the Sea states that all of the World Ocean is "sea", and this is also common usage for "the sea".
    • Any large body of water with "Sea" in the name, including lakes.
  • Strait - a narrow area of water connecting two wider areas of water
  • Channel - Usually wider than a strait
  • Passage - Connects waters between islands
  • Canal - Man-made channel
  • Fjard - A large open water between groups of islands

There are several terms used for bulges of ocean that result from indentations of land, which overlap in definition, and which are not consistently differentiated:

  • Bay ? generic term; though most features with "Bay" in the name are small, some are very large
  • Gulf ? a very large bay, often a top-level division of an ocean or sea
  • Fjord ? a long bay with steep sides, typically formed by a glacier
  • Bight ? a bay that is typically shallower than a sound
  • Sound ? a large, wide bay which is typically deeper than a bight, or a strait
  • Cove ? a very small, typically sheltered bay
  • Polynya ? Least used out of all, Patch of water surrounded by ice

Many features could be considered to be more than one of these, and all of these terms are used in place names inconsistently; especially bays, gulfs, and bights, which can be very large or very small. This list includes large areas of water no matter the term used in the name.

Marginal seas

Sources differ over which seas are considered marginal seas as well as which ocean a given sea is considered a marginal part of. There is no single ultimate authority on the matter.

Atlantic Ocean

In addition to the marginal seas listed in the three sub-sections below, the Arctic Ocean itself is sometimes also considered a marginal sea of the Atlantic.

The Americas

(coast-wise north to south)

Africa and Eurasia

The Norwegian Sea

Aegean, Adriatic, Ionian, and Tyrrhenian seas

Northern islands

The Irish Sea

(east to west)

Arctic Ocean

(clockwise from 180°)

Southern Ocean

Indian Ocean

The Arabian Sea as a marginal sea of the Indian Ocean.

Pacific Ocean

Coral Sea


Asia and Oceania

Defined by currents


Not included

Entities called "seas" which are not divisions of the World Ocean are not included in this list. Excluded are:

Other items not included:

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