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Item: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the most well known universe creation theory

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According to "The Big Bang" theory our universe was created approximately 13.8 billion years ago originating from a single very small point (smaller than the point of a needle) of matter & energy. When the matter & energy were compressed to a critical point a massive explosion occurred that sent enormous amounts of heat & light energy out from the pinpoint expanding space at phenomenal acceleration (speed/time). In under one second the universe would have expanded the size of a galaxy. Over billions of years the universe has cooled forming galaxies with solar systems including suns, planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroid belts, comets, and other stellar bodies.

The universe has expanded to its current size of the extent observable from earth today and is believed to be slowing in acceleration indicating that at some point the universe could start to contract back in towards the pinpoint of its origin. The contraction would at first start slowly and then increase in acceleration until complete deflation occurs (much like a balloon deflating). If this is the case another big bang would occur within nanoseconds of the deflation completing. The cycle would repeat over countless trillions of years and very possibly infinitely. See the related cyclic theory >>> [Cyclic Theory]